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1. What is particularly important for an audit corporation is to execute the business to the extent that the corporation can fulfill its responsibility with high quality control in good faith, and to meet the expectations of the company and its stakeholders (interested parties). We think that can be done. We want to be a trusted auditing firm by dealing with our trusted clients with integrity and sincerity.

2. Daily audit work is ultimately related to the knowledge, experience and ability of individual auditors. The auditors of the corporation are composed of certified public accountants with a lot of practical experience, have extensive experience in tax, legal audit, IPO, internal control support, etc., and the globalization of client management activities We have experience in preparing English financial statements and going overseas. Therefore, we have the ability to respond flexibly to various client auditing needs.

3. Since there is no frequent change of auditors and audit officers regularly visit, the system is balanced between on-site capabilities and organizational capabilities. In other words, since it is possible to smoothly exchange opinions with each management layer of the client and to communicate with the person in charge, it is possible to quickly and accurately grasp the situation, and the corporate organization is not complicated, so auditing as an auditing corporation The above judgment and problem solving can be done quickly.

4. Since the founder is from the National Tax Bureau, the company recognizes the importance of tax judgment in the company from the beginning of the establishment, and everyone is able to acquire knowledge so that they can quickly respond to tax issues that arise in auditing operations. We're working hard.