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Announcement of the format of the report on the results of agreed procedures regarding cashless and consumer returns business
Operating expenses for payment operators, etc. to implement point reduction using cashless payment methods for small and medium-sized businesses as a measure for leveling demand in response to the consumption tax rate increase from October 1, 2019 A cashless / consumer return business will be carried out to assist some of the expenses.
Inefficiency of points, etc. used in calculating the subsidy amount for cashless issuers (subcontractors who have purchased cashless payments) that receive subsidies in this project The usage rate must be confirmed by a certified public accountant or an audit corporation.
Regarding the confirmation work by this certified public accountant or audit corporation, the “Agreed Procedure Execution Result Report Format” has been announced on the Cashless and Consumer Returns Business Website. This format describes the procedures that are expected to be performed by a certified public accountant or an audit corporation in this confirmation. Using this format, the business will be carried out in accordance with the 4400 “Practical Guidelines for the agreed Procedure Work”.